National Team Friendly Curacao vs. Canada


The men's national teams from Curacao and Canada played a friendly in Montreal, and here are some images.

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Over the years I had been able to visit (or live in) 9 Canadian provinces and two territories. With a visit to Newfoundland I am now 10/10 on provinces.

This visit started late when the ferry over was delayed by 2 days because of gale force winds and 8m waves, and shortened by a couple of days at the end.

I am still enthralled with the place, such wonderful scenery, nature, people. I will be back for sure.

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Mud Run


Nothing but smiles and laughs from the participants. Well, maybe a few curses with a face full of mud, but definitely more smiles.

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Patagonian Gauchos in Black and White


One of the highlights for me of an annual trip to Tecka ranch in Argentina is the cattle drive where new calves are branded. The approach and techniques used during this event have probably not changes significantly in the last 100 or more years.

The RA Photo Club runs an annual year end competition for black and white prints named in honour of long time member Bruce Wilson. I took some time this year to select and prepare prints for the competition, however I lost the battle with my printer and was unable to enter, however I thought I would share the image here anyway.

Pittsburgh 1 - Fury 0


There were two games between Ottawa and Pittsburgh teams this day, a soccer game in Ottawa, and a hockey game in Pittsburgh. Both one goal games.

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