More Snow Geese


We had a fun goose chase with some veteran chasers and some newbies. It took a while, but we found a very nice sized flock.

Snow Geese and More


While we were out looking for snow geese, lots of other interesting subjects were found, along with over 40,000 snow geese in their spring migration.

What Happens Without Snow Geese


When you go looking for snow geese with some photography friends and don't find any snow geese, you make do with some great colours.

Nature in Patagonia


The area of Patagonia that we visit near Esquel is a very dry area, and inspite of the lack of rain fall there are lots of water birds. We were guided several days by Lorenzo Sympson for a few days and he was amazing for the birds he was able to identify for us.

More images from the trip are available here ->