Bonnechere Cup Suggestions

Lenses: a long lens would be good, 300mm or so will allow you to get all the action shots. Since we have "backstage" passes, a wide angle for people shots in the pits would also be a good idea.

Batteries: lots, and keep the extras inside your coat

Monopod: definitely a good idea. When you are shooting the races themselves, it is nice to take the weight off your neck and arms.

Memory cards: lots. I took about 2000 shots last year.

I would suggest that everyone bring a cell phone, and we should are numbers just in case. The race oval is a pretty big area and it is easy to lose track of people.

There is a snack bar on site, with a reasonably large area to go in and get warm. There are a few restaurants not to far away.

Rough Agenda:

Racing starts at around 09:00 and run to about 16:00. Races run about every 15 minutes, and last about 10 minutes (I am doing that from memory not a printed schedule).

I would suggest we car pool since the drive is about 1.75 hours.

Ideas for Images you Might Get

My images from past years are here ->