Nature Photography

Nature Photography 2017-01-31

A presentation for the RA Photo Club with fellow photographers (and Iceland travellers) David Burt and Dan Parent, on nature. Each of us will present some lessons that we have learned about shooting nature, a wide range of ideas for sure.

From my presentation, if you want impact, it is all about the light.

The presentation is available to download for free, please fill out the form, and ignore the credit card information.

Workflow for Photographers


This presentation was done for the RA Photo Club. It was intended to give members an idea of the steps on a workflow, and ideas to try in theirs.

The presentation used the simple process for photography of Prepare, Shoot, Organize, Enhance and Share as the basis for discussing options for tools and techniques in workflow.

A copy of the presentation (88Mb) is available here.

The image below is of Mount Tombstone in the Yukon, and should not be taken as any comment on the presentation ;-)

Start a Web Site in an Hour


This is a presentation that was done for the RA Photo Club's Education Committee to help get follow members started on a personal web site.

A simple process for photography includes Prepare, Shoot, Organize, Enhance and Share. 

Sharing can be books, prints and the web. This seminar will walk through the process of setting up a web site that can show off your images. 

Participants should bring five sets of five photos 25 in total (all 1024 px) and in an hour will get a chance to walk through the initial set up of their site on

The seminar will include a presentation, a demonstration and hands on time. Participants will have a fully functioning web site that they can continue to customize on their own time after the seminar. 

Here is a copy of the Presentation Handout, and a video of the presentation is included below.

Although the title suggests an hour, the video runs only 33 minutes.

Capture One


This presentation for the RA Photo Club for Aperture users who are looking for alternatives.

As a long time user of Aperture, my workflow has evolved to make use of this tool that has been discontinued by Apple, and will not be supported after September of 2016. I have over 18Tb of photos handled by Aperture, and a new tool was needed. After looking at Lightroom which would not import my libraries with changes, I gave Capture One a try.

Here is the presentation handout.