About Jamie Johnson

I used to love taking photographs, now I love creating them.

I have taken photos for a long time, lots of film burned on sports, nature and family. My first digital camera was an Apple Quicktake in 1993, and though 16 photos at 640x480 was not great, it was the start. A 3 megapixel Canon S20 in 2000 started a whole new world of photos, and a Canon Rebel in 2004 resulted in thousands of photos, hours and dollars as photography became a passion.

Thanks to lots of learning through the RA Photo Club, podcasts, books and magazines have helped me develop both my technical skills and my artistic interests. A key influence on me has been David Duchemin, whose philosophy of "gear is good, vision is better" acted as a catalyst to change the way that I think about photography.

My comfort zone started with nature, sports and air shows, with lots of time invested in those areas. Over the past couple of years an emphasis on people has changed extended my area of comfort.

As the site name implies about my philosophy of photography, it is all about the the light. Quantity, quality, direction and color can all be used by the photographer to tell a story and create emotion.

It’s All About The Light

In 2000 when I got back into photography I thought it was all about content, what was in the frame. Focus, depth of field, white balance, all the technical stuff.

I have learned that while the technical is important, the composition of the main subject and the background had a lot of importance in the image.

Once I started to figure out the composition stuff, then impact and emotion became important.

Now, I am realizing that since photography is literally drawing with light, it is all about the light. Quality, quantity, direction, color all to create emotion and impact.

The journey continues.

About Portfolios in a Week

In 2013 I was part of a combined fishing and photography tour of Iceland led by my friend Axel Oskarsson from IAmIceland.is. I was enthralled, and I wanted to come back and share it.

So the idea was hatched, create a tour for a Portfolio in a week.

The idea is simple, a photo tour which would provide enough different photographic experiences in a week to allow someone to create a portfolio. We would go beyond just landscapes, and include photo opportunities for people, culture, urban and nature.

Go have a look at the site, let me know what you think.