Favourites from 2017

This was really quite a lop sided year. An incredible trip to Iceland ended up with almost half my favourites, and trips to Newfoundland and Argentina picked up quite a few more.

As I was waiting for the cattle and gauchos to cross the bridge at the Tecka Ranch in Patagonia I could feel this image forming.

When the cattle needed a little persuasion, the image was made. I went black and white to emphasize the timelessness of the image.

A video about gauchos is available here->

Git along

At the branding next day, three generations of gauchos were watching the events unfold.

Again in black and white for the timelessness as they intently watch something they have seen thousands of times.


The Bonnechere Cup ran into some unseasonably warm conditions.

The reflections in the water pools are not something that happens ever year.

Lake Eganville

In my opinion the nicest images of snow geese come when there is still ice on the St. Lawrence, and the geese feel comfortable. This lift off from the ice was a treat for the senses.

I love watching the waves of snow geese come in for a landing.

Landing zone

The excitement of a round 3, game 6 NHL playoff game between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Ottawa Senators.


Game 6

It was my first ever trip to the island of Newfoundland, and just after arriving on the ferry, this sunset presented itself.

The beautiful colours with the reflections in the wet land impressed me.

Primordial colours

Near the L’Anse aux Meadows park in Northern Newfoundland is a small village.

The bright colours of the laundry against the stark landscape tells a story.

Colour in Life

At the opposite end of the same village the icebergs had come into the bay.

I loved the dramatic shapes and combination of harsh angles.

Freshly turned Bergs

This Curacao vs Canada soccer friendly in Montreal provided some high quality moments.

This image with the action frozen with all eyes are on the ball, except for the player who is actually playing it made it interesting to me.

Eyes On  2017-06-13

Eyes On

Taken at Parc Omega, this arctic wolf knows exactly where we are. The cold stare is amazing.

Making a nature image into a portrait is not something you get to do often. The shallow depth helps to isolate the wolf on the left.

I see you

The Colour Run is described as the ‘Funnest 5k on the planet’ and these runners at the end of the event are proving it true.

I was trying to capture the energy, action and the colour.

Hands up

it is never too late for nest building, and this male osprey is rebuilding one.

I love doing birds in flight, and when something else is happening in the photo it makes it even more interesting. The dropped straw adds to the story.


This trip to Iceland with iAmIceland was incredible with visits to many amazing places. This shot is literally from inside an extinct volcano.

The lighting on the inside of the volcano was showing off the various minerals in the walls. Amazing!

Inside the Volcano!

The Westman islands are an amazing place with these recently volcanic islands including Surtsey. These islands are perfect locations for sea bird colonies.

This curious puffin was up close enough to blur out the background to focus on the bird.

Puffin in Profile

The only way to get to this edge of the Vatnajökull glacier is by helicopter. Our stop created some amazing views.

Even though this flat patch of ground was recently under the ice, nature found a way to put some flowers. The angle was created to give the location context.

Visiting Isolation

The view from the helicopter leaving the Vatnajökull glacier area shows the flow edge and the movements of the ice.

The 200m high cliffs with huge chunks calving off was awe inspiring.

200m of flow edge

Iceland is famous for its northern lights, not usually in August though. The sun barely sets, so the azure coloured sky was showing instead of black.

As the auroras dance with shapes can be amazing. I loved the colours and the movement along with the azure sky.

Angels in the sky

This pair of Whooper swans probably had a nest in the reeds and were trying to keep out of site.

The repeating patterns of the reeds broken up by the white necks trying to blend in seemed like an interesting story.

Hiding in the grass

When you travel with iAmIceland you begin to expect the unexpected. This gourmet lunch at the side of a waterfall that we had to ourselves was an excellent example.

While it is not food photography, it is photography of food with a hard to match background.

A picnic in paradise

A flight over the Vatnajökull glacier showed off some of the fractured parts of the ice river.

The side lighting on a turn in the ice showed off the texture from the fractures in the ice.

A video of the glaciers is available here->

Cracked river of ice

Just minutes after flying over the Vatnajökull glacier, the outflow from the melting ice had formed an incredible delta.

This image was taken through the wind screen of the helicopter, and it took a long time to repair all the rain drops from the image.

Vatnajökull’s glacier delta