2016 Favs

How do you pick favourites from the thousands of images that are taken in a year? Good question.

My selections are a combination of unusual images, beautiful images, ones that were planned for along time, or ones that I had to work extra hard to get.

Considering the number of days that I took photos, it was surprising to me that there were two days that I selected three images from, and other day with two images on the same day.

I hope you enjoy!

While the area of Patagonia that we were in is very dry, the local water holes are very busy areas.

This crested caracara was on the raft of weeds where the grebes have nests, and was stealing eggs.

Stop thief!

On the same day in Patagonia, These great horned owls in the burrow had three completely different 'expressions' on their faces.

Three different expressions

At the end of a bird watching day the gauchos were branding the calves, and at the end of the day, this horse had other ideas about where it wanted to go.

No doubt who is the boss

An early morning lift off of snow geese with back lighting provide for dramatic images of their wings, and combined with the water droplets being lit up made for an unusual image.

It is All About the Light!

Wet Flush!

As the geese that lifted off in the image above were returning to the pond, a different group lifted off. They headed directly towards us, which is quite unusual.

Running Start

As the flock inscreased in size, the lift off with a wall of geese gives an awe inspiring image.

It may look like an abstract with repeating patterns.

It is on my wall.

A Moving Wall

I have covered the Ottawa Kiwanis Music Festival for 15 years, and the young performers are always amazing.

The expression on this young performer's face was priceless.

Playing it with feeling

One sole white version of the 2017 Canada tulip mixed in with some of its red cousins seemed like a wonderful juxtaposition.

Standing Alone

In advance for the summer Olympics, the womens national soccer teams of Canada and Brazil played a friendly in Ottawa. This image of Canadian hero Christine Sinclair was special to me.

Pulling away to the Olympics

An old paper mill in Beauharnaus Quebec was an interesting site for a model shoot, and with a topic of 'abandonded' in mind this image worked for me.

Out of Context

A fair amount of planning went to a shot that was a long exposure with movement in the dress material. Special thanks to Laurence for the candles to add atmosphere.

Ice Princess

A sunflower farm south of Ottawa was a busy spots for pollenating bees. The bees can be hard to keep up without annoying them.

Exploring a Fibonacci Sequence

A dance shoot with Kaitlin Chapple in the beautiful light of an old mill in Carleton Place.

Dress Rehearsal

In my first shoot with a new Canon 5Div got a chance work with subtle colours of fall flowers at the Experimental farm in Ottawa.

Old with New

Iceland  is such an amazing place! This image panorama of steam vents near a power plant was taken with a new iPhone 7. The dark skies backing the white steam felt very dramatic.

Streaming Panorama

After a windy rainy day doing the Golden Circle in Iceland, a brief blue sky and double rainbow happened as we found a field with Icelandic horses.

Rainbow for the Trolls

The east coast of Iceland has some amazing fiords, and this one was very dramtic with the grounded barge and dark skies. 

A Grey Ghost

Godafoss is one of the large waterfalls on the north shore of Iceland, and we got extra time at this site when our van broke down. By the time we were ready to go, the replacement van had arrived.

The Power to Change an Island

We spent several days chasing clear evening skies for auroras, and found some beautiful ones at the coast. At one point we stopped shooting just to enjoy the show.

Aurora Streams

My favourite location in Ottawa for nature shots is Mud Lake, and on an over cast day, this egret showed well against the dark background.

Time to Go Home

The fall colours gave me a chance work with this chickadee to get a nice out of focus background. Seeds on the sumac made it easy to predict where it would land.

Black and White on Colour

With thousands (maybe tens of thousands) of images of snow geese it becomes harder to find original images. Dark skies in the background, light on lines of geese made for a special image.

Pearls in the Sky

With snow geese coming in to land, the clouds, then a moon in the background provided layers of subjects.

Layers of Nature

My first Ottawa 67s game at ice level, and it provides a reinforcement for how fast the game is. This was the games first goal.

He Scores!

A trip to Calabogie Ontario after a snow fall, and with no wind gave the Madawaska River a nice reflective surface.


A Cold Mirror