Favourites from 2018

My look back is a little late this year, however here are some of my favourite images from 2018.

So what does it take to make it as a favourite? These images all of some kind of impact for me (the original name for my site was www.itsallabouttheimpact.com until I realized that you needed great light in order to have impact). The impact could be because the image was hard to create, or was not planned and created on the spot, or in the case of a couple of them have significant personal memories attached.

Clicking on each image will show a larger version of the image.

Here are a few other years worth of favourites. Please enjoy!

Argentina is a beautiful country, and Patagonia is a very special place. Along the rivers that we visit are Kingfishers, very nervous Kingfishers. This is one of the few images I got with it in flight.

More photos from Argentina are here->


The annual cattle drive at the Tecka ranch in Patagonia is a highlight. This image shows a whole story from the lead hands, through to the herd being driven behind them, to the Andes in the background.

Bring ‘em in

While the irruption of snowy owls has become an annual event, getting images of the owls in flight is still hard. This beauty in flight was a lifer for me.

Silent flight

The Bonnechere Cup is an annual event for me, and this year the my favourite image came on the way to the race at a Mennonite Church along the way..

No racing here

On my first trip to the US southwest, a quick visit on a cloudy day to the ‘Valley of Fire’. I enjoyed my visit to a slot canyon where the erosion has created some wonderful shapes.

Coloured erosion

A family trip to the US southwest with an image we could not have taken anywhere else. The image was made in Red Rock Canyon just to the west of Las Vegas.

The other side of Vegas

Each spring and fall I get to go with groups of friends to look for snow geese. This image made when the geese were not cooperative. I love the colour combination and the textures, as well as how the chains colours are reversed from the wall.

Complimentary colours locked together

Sometimes we find snow geese, many of them. These images with thousands of geese are amazing to see.


The performances at the Kiwanis Music Festival can produce some interesting images. The closing performance gave me the chance to choose an angle and composition that was unusual.

Concentration  2018-05-07


I love birds in flight. It is so hard to get a good image of a bird flying towards you, and where the light is good. This Great Blue Heron is flying into a rookery with some nice light.


I have a love of volleyball that goes well back. This image is part of large series taken at the PanAm Cup in Ottawa. As a former middle blocker, I love the wall.

3 Man Wall

These two young Great Blue Herons at a rookery are waiting for dinner to come back. The unusual angle showed off their downward looking eyes.

Where is breakfast?

Where did they go? It was a hot day in Ottawa, and the Governor Generals Foot Guards were on a water break.


This is without a doubt one of my favourite images, ever. I was taking photos when the Central Experimental Farm in Ottawa, this monarch butterfly was a wonderful addition to the image.

Sun worship

I love shooting sports, especially high level sports like this soccer friendly between Brazil and Canada. with this being Christine Sinclair, one of the best ever. The fact that there is no ball in the image is not a problem.

Thou shalt not pass

I got started with serious photography back in 2004 because of Airshows and Owls. The repeating patterns of the Snowbirds on the ground caught my eye.


This was more artistic look at a very technical double crossing by the Snowbirds.

Smoking cross

The show put on by the Snowbirds include multiple crossings, and this capture was perfectly timed.

Unbelievably close

Nothing technical here, just a chance for my son Scott to meet Canadian astronaut Chris Hatfield. A life moment for both of us.

Meeting a real hero

This is a second image made when out looking for snow geese. These tamaracks were near a creek where we have found the geese, not this time so nature was the topic.

Highlighting a tamarack