Favourites from 2014

A wonderful year for trips (Argentina, the Gaspé, the Yukon and Iceland) along with an amazing number of other fun photo opportunities. I think I could have picked 25 favourites from any one of my trips, however my selections are spreadout throughout the year. My critieria for favourite shots was not just that they were good images, they also had to have some kind of story behind them.

Here is a link to a few more on my e-commerce site, please enjoy!

Horses in the Mist

During previous trips to Patagonia, horses have always been a favourite topic. One morning this year an unusual fog rolled off the river at sunrise producing some unworldly images.

I will be exhibiting this image at Oh So Good Desserts in Westboro during January and February.

Patagonian Sunrise

Sunrises in Patagonia are normally very bland, with very little clouds to add color. This morning in addition to the clouds over the Andes, a small group of horses added to the image.

I will be exhibiting this image at Oh So Good Desserts in Westboro during January and February.

Blurred at the Bed Race

This was the 12th for my Kiwanis Club to run the Bed Race. Normally, I have to spend most of my time doing team photos with relatively little time to experiment. This slow shutter shot with the snow coming down is of one of the fastest teams, the International Union of Elevator Constructors. They are also one of the best fundraisers.

Resting Snowy

2014 was an irruption of snowy owls in the Ottawa area with over 100 of them reported. I did get to see many of them, though for the most part these shy owls were hard to get photos of (unless you were baiting them). This image was the result of a long, patient wait.

Hard into turn 4

The Bonnechere Cup is a highlight each winter with some dramatic images as the sleds jockey for position in the corners.

Doris' Church

Each spring and fall we make multiple trips to the area around South Lancaster Ontario to look for snow geese. This spring, an overnight stay in Cornwall made it easier to get to the area for sunrise, and produced this image of a church. I did a lot of walking up and down to catch the rising sun aligned in the windows.

We previously dubbed Doris' Church because of the beautiful painting by Doris Pavelich (who is also exhibiting at Oh So Good Desserts) of this same church.

Tulips Zoom

Hundreds of photographers, thousands and thousands of images of the tulip festival in Ottawa, so it is hard to be original.

This image was done with my Lensbaby to allow selective focus on a very small section of the image.

Great Blue Heron Catch

One of my favourite locations in Ottawa is Mud Lake, where inside the city of Ottawa this small lake has an amazing abundance of wild life. While I may have lots of images of great blue herons, this is my first image of a heron catching a fish. To make it more interesting, he caught the fish by diving in for it rather than wading.

Cover for Ally

I got a chance to do a second album cover for recording artist Ally Mayson. This early morning shoot along the Ottawa River was a lot of fun.

Full Extension

A 'friendly' between the Ottawa Fury and the Glasgow Rangers was one of a few games that I was able to shoot this year. The action in this image with the fury defender heading the ball over the goal, combined with the very colourful background created an intense image.

Pushing Limits

Experimenting with an ISO of 12,800 as well as using extension tubers created a dramatic image of this dragonfly in our back yard.

Killers on the Hunt

During a very long whale watching tour from Vancouver, the pod of Killer Whales managed to find a seal that was corralled by the older whales to teach the youngsters to hunt.


While on the shore of Tilley Lake in the Yukon and waiting for our flight out, this feather amongst the rocks caught my eye as a contrast in textures.

Colour to Black and White

As a storm moved in on the lake, blue skies turned to grey across the image.

Takeoff of Trumpeter Swans

This small flock of swans did not  appreciate our presence, and left with a lot of noise and splashing. An amazing site.

Awe of the Cirque

A day trip into the Cirque of the Unclimbables did not produce a lot of images, rather a chance to take in the feeling of this amazing place.

Fall Flow in the Tombstones

Fall in the Tombstone Mountains provided wonderful vistas as the colours flowed down the site of the mountains.

Tombstone Silhouette

My visit to the Tombstone mountains did not include a lot of sunlight, though a gap in the clouds produced this image with dramatic silhouettes.

Hunting Green Heron

Mud Lakes herons included this very colorful green heron which moved in very slowly on its target.

Off Into the Sunset

At the end of a beautiful day of waterfalls and glaciers in Iceland, we stopped at a church near sunset. As we were looking at the church, this gentleman walked over the hill and off into the sunset.


This natural ice sculpture at a glacial lake in Iceland produced some wonderful reflections. This was one of the stops in a photo tour that I helped organize through PortfoliosInAWeek.com, and the energy and smiles from our participants at this location was amazing.

Looking back into history

This is a second ice sculpture from the same glacial lake in Iceland. The geometry of this shot makes with waterline hard to see.

Nature's Revenge

At a remote fiord on the east coast of Iceland, this grounded barge created an interesting silhouette (silhouette was a topic for my RA Photo Club's competitions this year).

The fiord was at the end of a three hour drive for our PortfoliosInAWeek.com tour, and the participants were a little unsure if the drive would be worth it. There was not a doubt when we left.

Gale Force Winds

While travelling the south coast of Iceland we stopped at an amazing black sand beach with spectacular rock formations just off the coast. To add drama, 80kph winds whipped up the ocean, and dark clouds added an ominous sky.

The wind was so strong it was able to knock people over and sandblast our lenses.


The week after the tragic shooting of Canadian soldier Nathan Cirillo, I spent an evening downtown taking photos and thinking about sacrifice.