One of the truly unique parts of a visit to this part of Patagonia is the gauchos, the Argentine cowboys, whose lives have not changed much in the last 100 years.

Sunrise in Patagonia

For many photographers, sunrises are kind of cliche. Pretty colours in the clouds is kind of an easy way out to get an image that appeals to people. Well, here are mine anyway. In Patagonia, a day without wind is not common, so when it is calm there is a chance for fog to form over the rivers and wet lands adding to the feeling of the morning. All these shots are from one morning where the horses came over for a visit, as did a young fox. The soft pink skies were in the opposite direction of the hard orange sun rise.

Bruce Wilson Competition

The RA Photo Club runs an annual competition for Black and White prints, and this year my entry using photos from Iceland came in second. I was pleased.

I flipped a coin between a set from Iceland, and one from Argentina. Next year might be Argentina.

Nature in Patagonia


The area of Patagonia that we visit near Esquel is a very dry area, and inspite of the lack of rain fall there are lots of water birds. We were guided several days by Lorenzo Sympson for a few days and he was amazing for the birds he was able to identify for us.

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Branding Cattle in Patagonia


One of the highlights of an annual trip to Argentina is the chance to watch the Gauchos on the Tecka Ranch round up and brand the cattle. The gauchos are joined by their children who are on summer break from school, and they all seem to enjoy the event. The process they use seems hardly changed by modern methods.

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