Bed Race

Faces at the Bed Races


Just the ideas of racing beds is crazy enough to bring a smile to your face. Whether you are doing the pushing, riding the bed or looking at the awards you get for doing it, interesting facial expressions are bound to happen.

The Accora Village Bed Race for the Kiwanis Club is an annual fund raising event which has raised over $600,000 while making a lot of people smile. Almost the most fun you can have in bed?

Lots more photos from the last 17 years of racing can be seen here.

Bed Race for Kiwanis

2014-02-01 Accora Village Bed Race for Kiwanis is a fun part of Winterlude that is organized by my Kiwanis Club. I have been on the committee for all 11 years of the race, and Chair for the last two.

Kiwanis Bed Race


Winterlude is something great to experience during winter in Ottawa, and the Accora Village Bed Race organized by my Kiwanis Club of Ottawa is a great event. Wonderful weather, with very enthusiastic participants and volunteers produced lots of chance for photos.