Spring Day for Snow Geese

Spring 2019 has been a tough year for snow geese photos. A combination of a slow snow melt, and lots of hunters spread out the geese and make they very skittish. With the arrival of spring the snow geese will be moving north, so we made one last trip to have a look for snow geese and enjoyed a wonderful day.

Sunflowers and Friends

Here are a few more images from August and September, this time with larger visitors for the flowers.

Blue Heron Rookery


One of the most amazing days that I have ever had taking nature photos! Wonderful company, amazing light and cooperative subjects.

More Snow Geese


We had a fun goose chase with some veteran chasers and some newbies. It took a while, but we found a very nice sized flock.

Snow Geese and More


While we were out looking for snow geese, lots of other interesting subjects were found, along with over 40,000 snow geese in their spring migration.