Bruce Wilson Competition

The RA Photo Club runs an annual competition for Black and White prints, and this year my entry using photos from Iceland came in second. I was pleased.

I flipped a coin between a set from Iceland, and one from Argentina. Next year might be Argentina.

Icelandic Glaciers


After having the chance to shoot many glaciers from ground level, a chance from a helicopter brings a whole new angle for these endangered works of nature.

Icelandic Cuisine


One of the highlights of having a trip with a tour guide who is a Cordon Bleu trained chef, is some amazing meals. The meals show include a few in a restaurant, however most are done in one of the lodges we stayed at, and included some very impressive local preparations.

Icelandic Culture


The people and culture of iceland are part of what make it a magical place to visit. Any place that believes in trolls and fairies has to be magical.