Ottawa Idol Red Carpet


The Ottawa Idol concert at Algonquin provided a great stage for some very talented performers.

Many more images are available here.

Album cover for Ally

I have had the pleasure of knowing Ally Mayson for a few years through Ottawa Idol, which she won in 2012. In 2013 we did a shoot with images that were used for her releases on iTunes, and this was a followup shoot for new songs.

Ottawa Idol Red Carpet


The Ottawa Idol Red Carpet at the Algonquin Theatre gave a chance for some aspiring artists to show off their talents.

More photos are available here.

Album shoot for Ally

I had a chance to do a full shoot for Ottawa Idol winner Ally Mayson for an upcoming release on iTunes. Lighting for the shoot was done with the Ice Light.

Idol Red Carpet


In a dark concert hall, this was a chance to take shots of the Kiwanis Idol Concert, with more images posted here.