Mud Lake

Herons at Mud Lake


While there might have been lots of birders there for the warblers (over 15 species I am told), I was there for the herons. Blue, green and night all within 50m of each other, and the green was in a show off mood.

Mud Lake Again


A wonderful cross section of the wildlife at Mud Lake including snapping and painted turtles, wood ducks, damsel flies, a successful mink, downy woodpecker, yellow warbler and a balitmore oriole, along with a nut hatch, song sparrow, young robin and gold finch in our backyard.

Mud Lake


The spring migration of birds may have gone through, however there is still lots of wildlife at Mud Lake. Today's special attraction was the spawning of large carp that had worked their way in from the Ottawa River. This attracted the attention of a young mink that was very keen, just over matched. The great blue heron was smart enough to avoid tangling with these large fish.