Fireworks at Jokalsarlon


A once a year event at the glacier lagoon in Iceland, and this year got to see it with iAmIceland.is.

The stills were taken on a Canon 5D Mark IV, while the video was shot on an iPhone XR with a Moment Anamorphic lens and edited completely on an iPad with LumaFusion.

iPhone Macros

A new macro lens from Moment for my iPhone, and it is time to explore flowers at the Central Experimental Farm in Ottawa. If you are interested in the lens, this link will get you a 10% discount.

iPhone in Iceland


During my 5th tour of Iceland, the iPhone was once again a fun part of the toolkit with over 800 images and hours of video done with the iPhone 7Plus.



To take in some of the wonderful scenes in Iceland, you really need to take a panonrama. All these images were done with an iPhone 7 'in camera'.

iPhone 7 and Flowers


A new iPhone 7Plus, and time to test out the camera. My first images taken along a forest trail were stunningly good. This set was taken around the Central Experimental Farm and Dows Lake. This was an interesting day to compare these shots with a new Canon 5D Mk IV.

The bokeh was not even close, however the macros benefitted from the smaller sensor.

The pano was also very impressive.

The images have not been adjusted at all.