Gatineau Air Show


The show was presented by Vintage Wings of Canada and had a wide range of aircraft. I had a wonderful shooting location at show centre thanks to Sean Costello from who did a live webcast of the event. The show is available online to view.

A few hundred more images are available here ->

iPhone Macros

A new macro lens from Moment for my iPhone, and it is time to explore flowers at the Central Experimental Farm in Ottawa. If you are interested in the lens, this link will get you a 10% discount.

Sunflowers and Friends

Here are a few more images from August and September, this time with larger visitors for the flowers.

Bethlehem Steel vs Ottawa Fury

The game was an exciting one which finished 0-0, with Ottawa hitting three posts and a cross bar.

More images are available here ->

Brazil vs Canada Womens Soccer


A friendly match held in Ottawa with the national sides as they prepare for next year's women's world cup. Canada prevailed 1-0 in a rainy day with a temperature of 30° that would have been right at home for Brazil.