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Photo hints for the Bonnechere Cup

Since we get free passes to the event, please consider making a donation to the Eganville Food Bank.

The track is located on the far side of Eganville, 675 SNODRIFTERS ROAD, EGANVILLE, ON., K0J 1T0

If you use What3Words: astounded.lifelines.scowled

Pick up your pass to the grounds at the ticket booth, and register for the pit passes in the Club House (waiver required).

Photo Suggestions

Safety: The sleds and ATVs can move around the track at over 150 kph, and accidents DO happen. Most of the time, sleds will spin to the outside of the track. This makes the inside of the track a little safer for most shots. The big exceptions to that is lap 1 in corner 1, where collisions can drive sleds inside the track. Always follow the requests of the safety marshals around the track.

Lenses: a long lens would be good, 300mm or so will allow you to get all the action shots. Since we have "backstage" passes, a wide angle for people shots in the pits would also be a good idea.

Batteries: lots, and keep the extras inside your coat

Monopod: definitely a good idea. When you are shooting the races themselves, it is nice to take the weight off your neck and arms.

Memory cards: lots. I took about 2000 shots last year.

Hearing protection: certain places and races can be very loud, protection is a good idea.

Cell phone: I would suggest that everyone bring a cell phone, and we should are numbers just in case. The race oval is a pretty big area and it is easy to lose track of people.

Food/Drink/Washrooms: There is a snack bar on site, with a reasonably large area to go in and get warm. There are a few restaurants not to far away.

Rough Agenda

  • Racing starts at around 09:00 and run to about 16:00.

  • Races run about every 15 minutes, and last about 10 minutes.

  • Between a set of races, they will sweep the track. This is a good time to visit the pit for up close images or use the facilities.

I would suggest car pooling since the drive is about 1.75 hours.

Shooting Locations

  • Assuming it is a sunny day, the best shots in the morning are from inside of corner one, and in the afternoon from the outside corner 4 in the afternoon. This keeps them leaning off the sled, and the sun on the front of the sled.

  • If you are going to do panning shots, sponsors logos make good backgrounds. At the start line is a good option (in the morning of a sunny day). On the backstretch, there is a 'Bonnechere Cup' sign that makes a good back drop.

  • The pit is a good place to be any time during the day. Pit passes need to be signed for at the registration table in the Club House.

Ideas for Images you Might Get

My images from past years are here ->