In my study of photography, a constant message is to "find your style". For many artists that means a particular genre of photography or a style of light or a type of image processing.

From my perspective, my 'style' is to make images with visual impact. It could be the subject, it could be the composition of the image, it will often be the light. However I hope that they always have impact.

Here are some topic areas that I like to create impactful images of.

Let me know what you think.


I got the chance for a wonderful fishing tour of Iceland in 2013, that also included some chances for photography as we went.

I was so taken by the country that I decided to setup a company that would deliver photo tours in Iceland. My company, Portfolios in a week, teams with iAmIceland.is and Marlin Travel for some amazing tours of Iceland that go to some places that most tours don't know about.

Here are images from my trips in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 that include a few images from well travelled locations, and some from places that no visitor will normally see.

Photos are available for purchase on my commerce site.


While I am not really a horse person, visits to Tecka Ranch in Argentina provides a special environment to photograph horses.

Airshows - Artistic

One of my early favourite things to shoot was air shows, and I loved the experience of trying to get two kinds of images, technical and artistic. This set of images is a sample of the more artistic ones.


As part of my travel photography I enjoy recording images of the food and environment that we are served the food. On the last few trips I have made some attempts to get into the kitchens to get the preparation as well.


I have always loved playing sports, so the progress to taking the photos seemed to be an obvious one.


When I started to get interested in lighting, taking portraits became a significant interest of mine, and trying for a range of people, places and lighting became part of my attempts.


Shooting boudoir shots is still a relatively new genre for me, and considering my philosophy that 'it is all about the light', I have to admint that working with talented models also helps.


Photographing live music performances from the Kiwanis Music Festival and local Ottawa festivals.

Any indoor event includes the challenge of low light, and very limited sight lines.