Recent Updates


I try and stay very active with my projects and continually be creating images. However, I may not always be current on posting them. Here are a few shoots that I have posted lately, with many more available here.


Each year I try and go through my images for the year and share them. I have a short list of 20-25 here, as well as more on my
e-commerce site.


I do like to organize my photos into portfolios about select topics. I have a few more available here.


I find that one of the best ways for me to enjoy my images is to create videos to share and highlight them. 

There are more videos here.


 I have been fortunate as I was learning about photography that so many people were willing to share their knowledge. Now that I have something to share I am happy to share these presentations, with a few more here.

Portfolios in a Week

I have had the chance to make multiple trips to Iceland for photography tours, and I thought I would figure out a way to share this amazing place.

Join me, and make a portfolio in a week.