Iceland by iPhone


While on our Portfolios in a week tour with IAmIceland, the iPhone 6 was a important part of my toolkit. First, I tried to use it in most locations to take a photo in order get a GPS location for geotagging. Second, it was a great tool for panoramas, which were amazing for capturing Iceland's amazing vistas. And finally, the use of the slo-mo video for its waterfalls, geysers and other natural phenomena gave a whole new insight.

Here is a video that is made up exclusively of iPhone images and video.



In a photo tour we organized through with some great people, and came back with some great shots.

A video overview of the trip by Jamie Johnson with

Time - American Dollar is available on iTunes

A look at the landscapes and nature of Icleand

Paradise - Coldplay Karoke versioniTunes

A look at the people and culture of Iceland

"Bring me back a song" by Nightnoise iTunes

Celebrating the fun group of photographers on our trip

Putting on the Ritz is available on iTunes


The trip included both photography and fly fishing, and was an introduction to an amazing country.



A video overview of the 2013 trip by Jamie Johnson with

A look at the fishing on our trip